Yale YRD220


The Yale YRD220 is a Z-Wave® touchscreen deadbolt lock that is very similar to the YRD210 push button deadbolt lock. However, instead of the durable push button keypad found on the YRD210, the Yale Real Living™ YRD220 has a sleek acrylic touchscreen keypad which will impress all of your friends and neighbors.

  • S/n features veralite
  • (version 1.7.388)fibaro hc2
  • (4.0.18 beta) z-stick
  • Control lock from pc portal
  • Control lock from mobile apps(android,ios)
  • Lock status update to pc portal
  • Pin codes manage, remain pin code or delete pin code
  • Log history of overall lock status change
  • Log history of individual pin codes access
  • Using individual pin access to trigger scene
  • Lock configurations from interface
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