Qubino Flush 2 Relay


*NOTE: Installation & Delivery Charges are included in the product price. 

**NOTE: The gateway hub is required to make all the Smart Home devices work.

The Qubino Flush 2 Relay is ideal for switching on or off two electrical devices. You can control it either remotely through the Z-Wave network or through wall switches. It also measures the power consumption of two electrical devices and supports the connection of a digital temperature sensor. The Qubino Flush 2 Relay is ideal for remotely controlling up to two electric devices (door locks, door openers, fans, etc.) or lights.

  • Operating Voltage: 230Vac/60Hz 120VAC/50HZ
  • Operation Temperature: 0℃ ~ 60℃
  • Maximum Load: 5A (1200W)
  • Electricity consumption: <30mw
  • Range: 30m line of sight
  • Dimensions (Height x Width x Diameter): 48mm x 49mm x 18mm – we recommend a 45mm deep backbox as a minimum
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