Qubino 0-10V Dimmer


*NOTE: Installation & Delivery Charges are included in the product price. 

**NOTE: The gateway hub is required to make all the Smart Home devices work.

Qubino enables you to transform – inexpensively and invisibly – any traditional electric device into a smart, connected one that you can control with your smart phone. The Qubino Flush Dimmer 0-10V is ideal for remotely dimming LED lights with low voltage ballast.

  • Power supply: 12 -24VDC
  • Maximum sinking control voltage: -20 / +20VDC
  • Maximum sourcing control voltage: 0 – 11VDC
  • Maximum sinking current: 2mA
  • Maximum sourcing current: 10mA
  • Power consumption: <0.5W
  • Operating temperature: -10 – +40°C
  • Range: up to 30m (indoors)
  • Dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 42mm x 37mm x 16mm
  • Weight: 28g
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