MCO Thermostat


*NOTE: Installation & Delivery Charges are included in the product price. 

**NOTE: The gateway hub is required to make all the Smart Home devices work.

The MCO thermostat is a device for room temperature control, equipped with Z-Wave wireless technology. It is destined for central control of a 2 or 4-pipe fan coil (depending on selected model), which influences room climate by heating, cooling, humidity and dehumidity. The device can read room temperature and local time, and automatically control fan speed based on the temperature difference.

  • Capacitive touch buttons
  • Tempered glass panel, PC alloy enclosure
  • Precise temperature calibration function
  • Non-volatile memory, working state saved even if power failure
  • Intelligent on/off control of 3-speed fan, electric (ball) valve or air valve
  • Easily steel frame back plate installation
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