Panther 911 – Video Monitoring Solution

Panther 911 - Your 24/7 Video Monitoring Solution

Unique of Panther 911 Protection

DIGISTAR incoporated 1982, and the Panther911 security system launch since 2 years ago, already more than 6000 customer under “our protection”. Many customer choose us or convert from conventional alarm system to our real time “protection” under our ‘live’ 6 command centre, majority are unhappy on false alarm & complain from neighbor from siren noise. Our real time ‘protection’ will notify the police take immediate action and ‘live command voice speaker system’ has successful 100% made the intruder to ‘run away’ before enter the premise and create unnecessary ‘trauma’.

1st Ring – Deterrence Ring

The Panther 911, Deterrence is the first ring & protection, decal the intruder bad intention

2nd Ring – Perimeter Protection

Our real time monitoring refer as the 2nd level of protection, constantly protecting and monitoring your home and business, 24/7. (will help the house owner from unnecessary trauma.)

3rd Ring – Live Command Centre Deterrence Ring

The third ring refers to the motion and other interior sensors that detect any intrusion and alert the Panther911 command centre. (we have 100% success frightened the intrusion in our live command or any of our 6 command centre.)

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About Panther911

“Panther911” security service is fully owned by DIGISTAR Corporation Berhad, listed in Malaysia Stock Exchange and incorporated since 1982. With over 30 years of experience and present in the market, we are the ONLY CMS company provided real time monitoring services which under “lives for 6 command centre located at Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, Johor, Sabah and Sarawak. As our products ‘overcome’ the conventional system dilemma mostly happen in Malaysian market, for example we totally eliminate false alarm, to call in to confirm the security threat, and false alarm siren noise irritating the neighbors and 80% off after false alarm.

Our Panther911 are ideally for any from residential house, business premises to infant & senior citizen monitoring to industry use vehicle fleet monitoring. We welcome any visitor and provide FREE security survey or visit any of our 6 command centers (by appointment only).

Masjid Video ( Real Case Prevention)

Residential Video ( Real Case Prevention with police arrive conduct investigation )