iRS Pos System

iRS point of sales(POS) developed by software development company in Malaysia which has been established since 2002. We have developed and delivered some of the most effective and easy-to-use solutions to our clients from various sectors. We specialize in business IT solutions such as the Retail Point Of Sales System and F&B System.

IRS Software Sdn. Bhd. has the most diversified client base due to its great features, effectiveness, easy-to-use yet cost effective softwares. Our customer range includes hardware stores, beauty salons, restaurants, cafes, pet shops, accessory shops, book stores and stationery stores, boutiques, laundries, organic shops and music schools, optical shops, souvenir shops, photograph shops, camera shops, bicycle and motor shops, tea houses, handphone shops, vegetable and fruit stores, florists, toy shops, etc.

iRS POS System

RM 6499**

 ** Limited time and while stock last

  • Package include :
  • Thermal Receipt Printer
  • Brand NEW complete set of PC
  • Cash Drawer
  • iRS POS FnB or Retail License
  • Stock Control
  • Remote Support for 1 calendar year
  • Menu Configuration
  • Call us for a demo account.